Generate a Customer Statement

Express Accounts keeps track of a customer's account balance so you can quickly see their payment status. A customer's balance is displayed next to their entry on the Customer List, which is accessed by clicking the View icon in the toolbar and selecting Customers. To view, print, or send a statement from the Customer List, highlight a customer and click the small triangle next to the Statement icon and select a method for sending, saving, or preview. Enter in a time period for the statement, and the statement will be generated.

Send Automatic Statements

You can use Express Accounts to send automatic statements to customers to remind them of their balances. To do this, click the Options icon from the toolbar, and click the General tab. In the Automatic Statements section, you can select to send automatic statements to every customer with an outstanding balance or just customers who are overdue, and set a minimum amount a statement is sent for.

Unpaid Accounts Report

Access the Unpaid Accounts Report by clicking the Reports tab and selecting Unpaid Accounts Report. The list that appears shows only those customers with outstanding balances. Clicking the Due Date heading will rearrange the list so you can easily see which accounts are overdue.

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