To configure your computer for access to Express Accounts, click the Options icon in the toolbar, and click the Web Access tab.

First, click the Start button to activate the server so you can access Express Accounts from a browser. The server must always be on ("started") for Web Access to work. You may see messages asking you to click Unblock or Allow if your computer prompts you for access. Make sure you allow this, or Express Accounts will not be available at other computers and devices.

Determine if your users will be accessing Express Accounts on a local network (where your computers can connect to each other without an internet connection), or if your users will access Express Accounts remotely using an internet connection.

For a local network, create user accounts for each person as described in the Setting up Web Accounts topic in the Web Access section of this manual, then share the Local Network link in this dialog with the user.

For a public network, you must ensure the routing section of this window does not show a red status error. If it does, you will need to resolve the error before Express Accounts will be available from the internet. This most likely will involve forwarding port 98 through your router and firewalls throughout your system. For help doing this, click the link that says Help to resolve this issue in the routing section, or see There, you will find a series of tutorials aimed at troubleshooting your connection problems. If the routing status is green, Express Accounts will be available to other users when they paste the Public Network access link into a browser and login with their user account details.

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