Express Accounts can be set up to run as a mini web server, giving you and your employees access to Express Accounts over the Internet, from any location, as long as the main computer running Express Accounts is left running. Setting up Web Access from your local computer also enables you to assign login information for different employees, giving them varying levels of access to Express Accounts features.

Once Web Access has been set up, you can login to the Express Accounts web interface and use the same features online as you do from the Express Accounts application.

Automated start up

Express Accounts can be set to run automatically when the computer starts. To enable this, tick the "Run Express Accounts automatically on start up" option. If you want to access Express Accounts remotely or over a network using the Web Access feature, you should select this option.

There are many modes of running automatically, which you can select in the pull down list under the "Run Express Accounts automatically when you login" checkbox. The options are:

Service Settings

Click the button to view the Service Settings. To learn more about running Express Accounts as a server, see the Service Settings help topic