The New Credit Note dialog is where a new credit note is created. To open this dialog, click New Credit Note in the Invoice menu.

Fill in the details for the Credit Note.

Create From

To create a new credit note from a previous invoice, or draft credit note, select the type from the drop-menu to open the invoice list, or draft credit notes list. Click the invoice, or credit note you need, then click Select to fill the details in on the new credit note.

Credit Note Customer

Either type the name of the customer, or use the drop menu to select a previous customer. Adding a new customer into this field will create a record for that customer, which you can complete later with their contact details from the Customer List.

Customer Address

Enter the customer address.


Select the Credit Note date.


Enter the salesperson for this Credit Note, or select a salesperson from the drop menu.


This field displays the Invoice to which this Credit Note has been applied.


Select any special sales tax option eg. if this is a special customer who is sales-tax exempt (for example a foreign customer).

Credit Note Items

This is the list of items on the credit note. Click on the Add button to add a new item, then click within the Item or Description cells to access a drop-menu where you can select an item, or type the name of a new item. New items will automatically be added to the Items List. Change the Quantity or Unit Value by typing in a new value. Remove an item by clicking the red "X" at the right of the item entry.

Items List Headers

The items list header's text can be changed by selecting pre-defined text or specifying a custom one. You can also modify the ordering of the columns to suit your business needs.

Add Discount

Click the Add Discount button to apply a discount either to all items, or to a line item. See the Apply Discount help topic for more information about discounting.


These notes are printed on the bottom of the Credit Note.

Private Comments

These are notes for internal use only they are not printed on the Credit Note.


This is the sales tax and total display. If you think the sales tax calculation is wrong, please see the Tax tab of Options.


Click on this button to Record Only or save the Credit Note as a draft. To record and print, email or fax click on the pull down list and select an action. You can also choose to Save and Preview which allows you to Print, Email or Fax the credit note without recording it.