The Quote tab of the Options page is used to set the standard text that appears on printed quotes. You can preview any changes you make by clicking Preview Quote at the bottom of the Quote tab dialog.

Quote Text Items

This is the text that will be printed on quotes. Select a title or heading from the drop menu, then alter the text for that item in the field to the right.

Quote Numbering


This is the current quote number. It increases every time you record a new quote. Note that quote drafts are not assigned a quote number until they are recorded and saved.

Number Prefix (optional)

The quote number prefix is optional. You can enter digits or characters to be used in front of any quote number. If the option of synching with other devices is enabled, then the 'Device prefix' setting overrides this setting.

Note and Foot Comments

Text entered here will appear at the bottom of the quote printout or pdf. Choose an alignment and font size for the text. The foot comment will appear beneath any note comment.

Automated Customer Follow Ups

This feature allows you to send follow up emails automatically with your specified frequency (in number of days) together with an expiration (also in days). A custom message can also be supplied that will serve as your email body/content.

Preview Quote

Click this button to save your settings and preview what the quote will look like.

Advanced Settings

An advanced option which the user can turn on quote conversion probability. Set the probability of any new quote converting to sale and set the typical conversion time. The probability of a conversion to an invoice will decrease over the conversion time.