The Order tab is where the standard text that appears on sales orders can be configured to meet your business needs. You can preview any changes you make by clicking the Preview Order button at the bottom of the Order dialog. To open the Order dialog, click the Options icon on the toolbar, and click the Order tab.

Order Text Items

This is the text that will be printed on order. Select a title or heading from the drop menu, then alter the text for that item in the field to the right.

Order Numbering


This is the current order number. It increases every time you record a new order. Note that order drafts are not assigned an order number until they are recorded and saved.

Number Prefix (optional)

The order number prefix is optional. You can enter digits or characters to be used in front of any order number.If the option of synching with other devices is enabled, then the 'Device prefix' setting overrides this setting.

Note and Foot Comments

Text entered here will appear at the bottom of the order printout or pdf. Choose an alignment and font size for the text. The foot comment will appear beneath any note comment.

Preview Order

Click this button to save your settings and preview what the order will look like.