The New/Edit Quote window is where you fill in the details for a quote. To access the New Quote window, click Create New Quote from the left sidebar on the main screen , or press F10.

Quote Customer

Choose the Customer from the pull down list, or enter a new customer.


Select the quote date.


Enter the salesperson for this quote.

Bill To

Enter the address the quote should be sent to.


Select a special sales tax exempt option if this is a customer who is sales-tax exempt (a foreign customer, for example).

Ship To

Enter the address the products should be sent to. Leave this blank if this is not required.

Quote Items

This is the list of items on the quote. Click inside the item list to add a new item, or select an existing item, and update the quantity quoted.

Quote Headings

You can sort an item list in your quote by clicking on a quote heading.

You can edit a heading by clicking on the header a second time, this opens a drop down list. Select an item in the list, to change the header text or reorder the columns.

Easily switch between product and service based businesses by selecting Item or Rate from the column header drop down list and Qty or Hrs from the column header drop down list.

Add Discount

Click the Add Discount button to apply a discount either to the entire quote, or to a line item. See the Apply Discount help topic for more information about discounting.


These notes are printed on the bottom of the quote.

Private Comments

These are notes for internal use only - they are not printed on the quote.


This is the sales tax and total display. If you think the sales tax calculation is wrong, please see the Tax tab of Options to configure tax rates.

Save and Preview

Click this button to see how the quote will appear when printed, saved as a PDF document, or emailed to a customer.

Convert to Invoice

Click this button to change your quote and any of the information entered, into an invoice for your customer.

Edit Invoice...

If a quote has already been converted to an invoice, you will see an Edit Invoice button instead of Convert to Invoice. You can click on the Edit Invoice... button to edit the invoice that was created from the quote.


Click on this button to Record the quote. To select the action (to Print, Email or Fax the quote) click on the pull down list. You can also save the quote as a draft.