You can create quotes for customers using Express Invoice and later turn the quote into a sales order and/or an invoice.

To create a new quote, click Create Quote from the left sidebar on the main window.

Enter the Customer Details

You can either select an existing customer's name from the drop down menu, which will fill out their saved details (such as shipping information) for you, or you can enter a new customer's name and address into the fields.

Enter Quote Details

In the upper right, you can specify the date the quote was created, and the salesperson. In the bottom of this window, you can enter any notes that pertain to the quote being created.

Enter Item Information

Click anywhere inside the item list area to add a new item listing to the quote. If you have already created items that can be entered on your quotes, sales orders and invoices, either type or select the item number from the Item column, or select the product from the Description column drop-menu. Adjust the quantity in the Quantity column, and the line total will automatically be updated for you. If the item you are entering has not been added to the system already, you can type the item details into the item list, and Express Invoice will ask if you'd like to save the new item information when you are done filling out the quote.

Completing the Quote

You have several options once you are finished filling out the details of the quote. You can either save the quote as a draft, or record the quote in the system. To save or record, select one of the options from the Record drop-menu at the bottom of the window: