After you first install Express Invoice, the startup wizard will run. This will prompt you for the most basic information about your business, including your company name, address, and contact details.

After you have completed the startup wizard, you will be able to create your first quote, order, or invoice without any further configuration. All defaults should work "out of the box." Click on the Create Invoice option from the main screen to create your first test invoice. For more information on filling out an invoice, please see the Creating Invoices section of this manual.

Once you have created your first test invoice, you can go back and fine-tune Express Invoice by configuring the program settings in the Options dialog (from the Tools menu). This lets you set up more detail about your business, tax rates, the layout of invoices, and more.

Express Invoice is designed to learn from you as you go. Data, such as customers and invoice items, do not need to be set up in advance—they can be set up as part of the invoice generation process. Express Invoice also remembers all your options the first time you do something, so when you do it again it will be faster for you.