Users in FlexiServer system can be categorized as either Administrators, Accountants, Manager or Staff.


Administrator has the full access of FlexiServer, including adding, deleting users, changing user profile, and modifying server configurations.


Accountant is able to control all the "Staff" and "Manager" and access to all the employee management tools, which help reviewing employees' performance and calculating pay related work hours.


A monitor is a hidden user account in the system. A monitor cannot be seen by other users from the FlexiStation user list, and his/her activities and screenshots are not logged by the FlexiServer.


"Manager" is a dynamic concept. You don't have to actually set a user to be a "Manager." If anyone else's manager property is set to be your email, then you are a "Manager" of them, which enables you to use all the employee management tools on your staff.


"Staff" means general employee level access. If a user is not a "Manager" and his/her access property is not set to "Administrator" or "Accountant," then he/she is a "Staff."
Staff is able to access their individual entries, enter their work hours and communication with other staff in the same team using FlexiStation client.