On this page, you can select one or more than one users and see their reports.

There are a bunch of employee management tools in FlexiServer system. If you are a system administrator or an accountant, you can see all the tools in the system. If you are a manager, it will only show you the options that is available for you.

On the left column, there is a list of employees showing who is your staff. For admin users, all the employees in system will be shown to you. On the right column, you can see all the employee management tools which are available for you. Click on the icon to see reports for each user.

User Activity Report

Show you the detail activities the user did on the computer during a day.

Click on User Activity Report for more information.

View Screen Shots

Show you the screen shots of this user. It was automatically taken every 5 mins by FlexiStation. Click on the thumbnails you can see the full size screen image.

Click on User's Screen Shots for more information.

User Work Hours Report

View users' work hours during a certain period of time. This report is calculated according to users' activity report which is logged by FlexiStation client.

Click on Work Hours Report for more information.

Manual Work Hours

View manual work hours report which is manually inputted by the user.

Click on Manual Time Sheet Report for more information.

User Application Usage Report

See how much time the user spent on each program during a certain period. You can select multiple users to see their comparison report.

Click on Application Usage Report for more information.

Document Analysis Report

Show you what documents the user has been viewing for a certain application.

Click on Document Analysis Report for more information.

User Leave Report

View how many leaves the user has taken.

Click on Leave Report for more information.

View User Profile

View user's personal details and settings.

Click on User Details for more information.

Edit User Profile

Change this user's personal details and settings (for only Admin user).

Delete User

Delete this user (for only Admin user).

Add User

Add a new user (for only Admin user).