Each FlexiServer user needs the following information.

Basic Info

Employment Info

There are three different types of employment in FlexiServer, which are Permanent Full-time, Permanent Part-time and Casual workers.

Work Hours


Telephone Charge per minute

Input the telephone charge per minute. The result will automatically show in the telephone activity report. click Telephone activity for more information.

Time Zone

FlexiServer will automatically adjust this setting according to the time zone info collected from FlexiStation when you connect to FlexiServer.

New user registration email

Whenever a new user is added to FlexiServer, this user will get an email from FlexiServer describing the user ID, password and how to configure FlexiStation to connect to the server.

The email will have a format like this:

FlexiServer automatically tracks your work attendance and activity based on your computer usage. Please view the installation and logon instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact your FlexiServer Administrator.

To install FlexiStation click either if you are working on the local network, or if you are working remotely over the Internet

Please use the following details to login after FlexiStation is installed. Click the Options button on the toolbar and go to the Server tab to enter the information.
FlexiServer: if you are working on the local network
FlexiServer: if you are working remotely over the internet
Email: [email address]
Password: [issued password]
You will see the status change to Connected OK… if your details were entered correctly.

To login to your FlexiServer web control panel, use one of the following links. (on the local network) (over the Internet)
Or, click the Web button on the FlexiStation toolbar.

FlexiStation will automatically calculate your work hours each day using your computer usage. Manual entries can be made using the Add Hours button on the toolbar. To submit a vacation request or report sick leave, click the Add Leave button on the toolbar. Your manager will receive your leave request for approval.

Privacy Notice:

FlexiStation monitors computer usage, but does not record actual text typed, logons, passwords or other private information. If you need to take care of a personal item on your work computer, you can turn on Private mode using the Private button on your toolbar. Your manager will have access to computer usage data and reports.