This report shows you how many holidays the user has taken for the specified time period. The report also calculates each type of leave taken during that period. This report is generated according to leave forms the user submitted.
Public holidays and weekends are automatically excluded from the calculation. (P.S. Public holidays can be set by admin users by going to "Set Public Holidays"). The report can be filtered for specific time period by inputting 'Start Date' and 'End Date' on the search bar, and clicking 'Search button'. The date range can not be over one year.
The search bar also provides filtering tools based on employees' office location, their assigned team and role. If you want to search the record for employees at all office locations, then select 'All Offices...' option. The same applies for 'Team' and 'Role' fields.

This following items are shown in this report:

If you click on any of the hyper-linked entries for a user, you can see the detailed Leave Report of this user.