The Recording Session window is where recordings are made without the aid of the Wizard. To open this window, click the Record button on the main toolbar.

Recording Options

The recording options appear in the upper section of the Recording Session window and are detailed below.

Start recording only when audio start

This feature minimizes the hassle of starting your player and clicking the Record button as close as possible. When this feature is checked, you can click the Record button, and the recording will not commence until audio is played through your player. This is great for situations where your computer and record player are physically nowhere near each other.

Auto-split files based on noise floor

This is the auto-file splitter. It uses the noise floor sample you obtained in the noise sample stage (see the Background Noise Measure section of this manual) and detects when a track on your record or cassette has finished. The setting Duration at which noise floor must be maintained lets you set how long the noise floor level must be present in the audio (in seconds) before the software determines that the track has ended. Set this duration a little longer if you are recording from a 78 RPM record (up to 10 seconds), and set it a little shorter if you are recording a 33 RPM at 45 RPM speed.

After you have finished recording all your tracks on an album (or one side of an album), the auto-splitter will simply time-out after a short while and recording will automatically stop.

Play back audio while recording

When enabled, this feature will play the input audio simultaneously while it is being recorded. This allows you to listen to what you are recording, which is particularly useful if you would like to manually split your recording into individual tracks.

Discard recorded files that are shorter than

When enabled, this feature will discard the recorded file if the length is less than the specified parameter.


Recording Volume Level

This is where you can monitor the volume level of your recordings. If the volume level looks too high or low, you can go back to the recording calibration stage and adjust the recording volume as appropriate. See the Recording Volume Calibration section of the Wizard for more information.

Recording Controls

The recording controls are located at the bottom of the Recording Session window.

Record: Start the recording.
Pause: Pause the current recording. Clicking Record will resume the recording.
Restart: Discards the current recording and begins a new one.
Stop: Stops the current recording.
Split: Stops and saves the current recording and begins a new one. This is useful for manually splitting the incoming audio into separate tracks.
Discard: Discard the current recorded file.

Recording-Related Information

This is where you are shown a variety of details related to the current recording.

Recording state: This tells you the nature of the current recording state. If there is no recording occurring, it says "Idle". If recording has started it will initially say "Waiting for audio stream" while waiting for the audio to start.

File name: This is the name of the file currently being recorded to.

File info: This tells you the file type information about the file, such as its format, sample rate and number of channels.

Recording time: This is the recording time of the current file.

Please note that if you stop a recording before two seconds have elapsed the recording will be discarded, as recordings of such a short length are considered of no use.

Total recording time: This is the total recording time of all files recorded in this session, plus files that are sitting in the main window list.

Space remaining on disc: If you are burning your files to CD or DVD, this says how much space is left on the disc that you currently have in your drive.

Hard drive space remaining: This shows how much space is free on the hard drive you are recording to.

Minimizing Golden Records

If you have started recording and want to do something else while waiting for it to finish, right click the system tray icon on the right bottom of your screen and choose "Minimize Golden Records" to minimize the program to the system tray. When the recording process is over, a balloon will appear above the Golden Records tray icon letting you know the software has finished its job. To restore the program you must then click on the system tray icon.