This dialog allows you to edit the details of an existing account or add a new account to your MoneyLine records. To add a new account, click on the Accounts menu and select Add Account. To edit an existing account, click on the Accounts menu and select View Accounts to view the list of existing accounts in MoneyLine, then select an account and click the Edit button on the toolbar.

Type of Account:

Select the appropriate type of account from the drop menu.

Account Name:

Enter a brief descriptive name to help you identify the account throughout MoneyLine.


Enter a description of the account.

Starting Balance:

Enter the balance held by the account prior to the earliest transaction entered or imported into MoneyLine.

Current Balance:

This field will be automatically populated with the current balance held by the account.

Current Check No.:

Enter the number of the next check to be used with the account.

Enable online account access

Check this box if you would like to enable online access to this account. This means that once you have entered your online banking login details, you will be able to retrieve transaction data from your bank through MoneyLine's interface.

Online Access

MoneyLine can be used to retrieve transaction and balance data from your financial institution if they support OFX connections. Contact your bank and ask if they allow connections to their OFX server, or if you are only allowed to download OFX files through their website. If downloading through their site is your only option, you can import transactions from the File menu by selecting Import from OFX/QFX File. If you are able to connect to their OFX server, you will need to gather the information required in the Online Access section of this window to connect.

Financial Institution:

Select the name of the financial institution with which the account should be associated. Alternatively, new financial institution information may be entered by using the Add new financial institution selection.

Routing Number:

Enter the routing number (or sort code, transit number, or BSB number) for your financial institution.

Account Number:

Enter the account number issued by the financial institution holding the account.

User ID:

Enter the user ID issued by the financial institution for accessing the account.


Enter the password associated with the above user ID.

Prompt me for my password when connecting to my bank

Check this box to prevent MoneyLine from storing your password. You will be prompted to enter your bank password each time your account information is retrieved.

Last Import:

Last date an import of transactions was performed for this account.


This optional field may be used for notes relating to the account.