MoneyLine comes with a default list of spending categories installed. You may add to or edit this list at any time. You may also add sub-categories to any category.

The Add/Edit Category window allows you to edit the details of an existing category or add a new category to your MoneyLine records. To add a new category, either type the new category into any category field in MoneyLine, or select Category from the Manage menu. To edit an existing category, select Categories from the Manage menu, then select a category from the list and click the Edit button in the toolbar.
Note that if a category is a parent for other categories, you will not be able to edit the header category options.


Enter the name of the category.


Select this option for categories associated with expenditures.


Select this option for categories associated with revenue.

Parent Category

Check this option to mark the category as a parent category. A category that can have sub-categories is called a parent category.

Parent Category:

If you want the new category to be a sub-category, select the parent category to which the category should be assigned.

Tax Deductible Category

Check this option if transactions associated with the category should be tax deductible.