The main window layout of MoneyLine consists of the menu and toolbars along the top, the explorer bar on the left, and the transaction list occupying the remaining space.

The menu bar provides ready-access to all of the features contained within MoneyLine. The File menu contains some common actions, as well as options for importing data from other programs for financial institutions into MoneyLine. The Accounts menu contains options for managing accounts, such as adding accounts, adding transactions and reconciling your accounts. The Manage menu contains options for viewing and adding categories, payees, scheduled transactions and budgets. The Reports menu allows you to view reports based on your spending and budgeting. The Tools menu is where you can select program Options and the backup and restore feature.

The toolbar provides one-click access to the most common tasks such as adding, editing, deleting and remotely retrieving transaction, budgeting, and program options.

Explorer Bar
The Explorer Bar provides account summaries and asset/liability standings at a glance, as well as quick access to reports, and actions such as transaction search and transaction retrieval. Note that the account summaries shown reflect all transactions entered, regardless of date.

Transaction List
The transaction list provides a summary of transactions which meet the criteria specified in the filters above the list. The available filters are account type and date range, with pre-defined time periods for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly results.

The first column in the transaction list denotes if a transaction has been cleared. Check this when a transaction is known to have cleared through the financial institution. The second column labeled "R" shows that this transaction has been reconciled with the financial institution by using the Reconcile Account feature in the Accounts menu.

The other columns of the transaction list provide information about each transaction, gathered at the time the transaction is entered into MoneyLine. You can double-click on any transaction in the list to edit its details. To quickly edit the category, click the category to make a drop-menu appear, from which you can select a new category for the transaction.