Adding Transactions

There are two basic ways you can add your daily financial transactions to MoneyLine: manually, or by download.

This option for adding transactions means that you will enter each transaction for each account using the Add Transaction dialog, accessed by clicking the Transaction button on the toolbar. Use this option if you do not want MoneyLine to download your transactions automatically, if you do not have an internet connection, or if you prefer to manage each transaction entry yourself.

This option means that you have enabled online account access for one or more of your accounts and entered all the bank details needed for online access. Online access can be managed from the Add/Edit Account dialog. Use this option if it is more convenient for you to automatically import transactions. To retrieve transactions, click the Retrieve button on the toolbar. Note that you may still make changes to each transaction once it has been loaded into MoneyLine.

See also:

Importing Transactions from Another Program or from Your Bank
You can also import transactions from some programs and from your bank if you can export an OFX, QFX or CSV file of your transactions from your other program or financial institution. To import, see either the Import Transactions from OFX or QFX or Import Transactions from CSV help topics in this manual.

Viewing Transactions

Once a transaction has been added to MoneyLine, it will appear in the main window in the transactions list. If you cannot see the transaction you have just entered, make sure you have the correct account and time period selected from the filter options above the transaction list.

Editing Transactions

You can edit a transaction after it has been added to the transactions list. If you only need to change the Category, double-click the existing category to open a drop-menu and select a new category assignment. To change any other detail, either double-click the transaction in the list, or select it and click the Edit button in the toolbar. The Edit Transaction window will open. Change any details you need and click OK to save them.

Additional Transaction Options

Right-clicking on a transaction in the transactions list opens a context menu with more options. From the context menu, you can void a transaction, schedule a transaction, split a transaction, and search for a transaction.