The Passport Photo Tool produces a ready to print passport photo for the supported locations. To use the tool simply add a photo using the available options. Loaded photo can then be cropped to get the desired passport photo. Photo checklist and requirements are provided to serve as guidelines although it is still advisable to check in with the requirements in your country.

Select location where passport photo will be applied for.

Image Options
A photo may be added using these options: Load image file, capture from webcam, or by dragging an image. Overlay guidelines are optional to assist for cropping the passport photo. Added image can then be cropped to get the passport photo. The number of copies can be set from 1 to 6.

Passport Requirements
Photo Checklist and Technical Requirements are provided as additional guidelines in selecting a passport photo. Check each item before creating the passport photo.
NOTE: It is still advisable to check the requirements in your country.

General Guidelines:
Passport Photo Editing
Photo Editing must be done with caution as some countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, and United States does not allow any retouching of the photo. Kindly check the requirements and guidelines in your country.