Use the Photo Library dialog to organize your photos. This tool lets you use albums and tags to categorize your photos, so that they will be easier to find later on.

For instance, you may have multiple folders on your computer containing photos of a family member. You can create an album of this person to view all of their photos at the same time.

To open the Photo Library, click on the Library button on the Home tab, or select Photo Library from the File menu.


The Home tab is where you will find the basic controls for getting started with the Photo Library.


The Folders tab is where you will find a list of all folders being managed by the Photo Library. Your Pictures folder is included by default.


Albums can be used to categorize photos into groups which share a similar topic or theme.
For example, you could have an album for vacation photos, or an album containing photos of a family member.
Click on the Albums tab to view a list of all albums.


Tags can be used to associate photos with certain keywords. You can use this as an alternative to albums for grouping photos together. Click on the Tags tab to view a list of all tags.


Photos are the loaded images in Photo Library. Multiple actions can be done on an image to better organize the library.