A panorama can be created using the Create Panoramic Image dialog. The dialog provides an easy way to combine multiple images with overlapping views to create a single, larger, seamless image. Before constructing the final image, the dialog will allow you to preview the results. Once you are satisfied and click OK, a new project with the stitched panorama is created and opened for further editing in Photopad.
Opening the Create Panoramic Image dialog
To open the Create Panoramic Image dialog, click the Panorama button on the Tools tab of the toolbar, or select Create Panorama from the Tools menu.

Create Panoramic Image dialog reference
Original Images
The preview window will show a preview of the selected photos for stitching to a panoramic image. To add an image, click the Add Image(s) button. A dialog will appear allowing you to select one or more image files. Once loaded, the images will appear in the preview window of raw images. To remove an image, select it by clicking it in the preview window then click Remove Selected Image. If you want to remove all images, click Remove All Images directly. To change the order of an image, select an image by clicking on it, then click either the Move Image Left or Move Image Right button. If the order of original photos is not right, a panorama may not be created.
Panorama Preview
If all images are in the correct order, you can click Update Preview button to display a preview of the final image. Remember, at least two images are needed to create a panorama. The preview window will show a preview of the stitched panorama if the panorama is created successfully. If some photos are added or removed after the corresponding panorama is created, the panorama will be deleted. If you don't need a large resulting image, or are running out of memory, try using the Scale the size of the final image slider to adjust the output size of the final image. This will make the final image smaller, and will allow PhotoPad to use fewer resources during its creation.

Finishing the Panorama Stitcher dialog
When satisfied with the results in the panorama preview window, click OK. A new PhotoPad project will be created.

Tips for Successful Panorama Creation