If Pixillion tries to write a converted image to an already existing file name:


When converting a non-pixel based image to a pixel based image, DPI or the pixel width of the output can be specified:

DPI option will not be prompted before conversion if "Prompt to specify DPI when converting to a pixel based format" check box is ticked.


The following image formats do not support per-pixel transparency:

When converting an image with per-pixel transparency to one of these formats, the transparent background can be replaced by:

Background option will not be prompted before conversion if "Prompt when converting transparent images" check box is ticked.

Preserving Image Metadata

Check the Preserve metadata checkbox to preserve the input images' metadata to the converted images. Current version supports preserving EXIF metadata for JPEG, JPEG XR and TIFF file formats.


Check the Prompt for opening output file or folder after successful conversion - checkbox to get notification when the conversion completed successfully. A dialog will pop up to allow you to open the output file or folder.

Check the Copy folder structure of source files - checkbox to make the output folder structure the same as the source files' folder structure.

Check the Prevent conversions where the output file will be larger than the input file - checkbox to make sure the output file's size doesn't surpass the size of the sources files.

Check the Prompt when converted file will be larger than output file - checkbox to show a prompt when the output file's size is larger than the size of the source's.