To print an image, select the target image then click on File->Print or Ctrl+P. This will open a printing dialog with a preview window on the left and print options on the right. The image is shown at a size of 300PPI digital resolution.

Paper Options

Use the Size Category pulldown list to choose which set of paper sizes will appear in the Paper Size pulldown list.
Use the Paper Size pulldown list to select the size of the paper you will be printing to. The dimensions of the selected paper size are displayed both in the pulldown list and print preview.
Use the Portrait and Landscape radio buttons to choose the orientation of the paper.
Use the Margins control to adjust the minimum padding between your image and the edge of the paper.

Image Layout

Use the image layout options if you want multiple copies of your image to be printed on the same page.
Select the 2x option to print two copies of your image, or the 4x option to print four copies of your image.

Image Position

The image position can be changed by dragging the preview or with the options found in the Image Position group box.
By default, the image will be located in the center of the paper. This can be changed by unchecking the Center Image checkbox.
Once the Center Image checkbox is unchecked, use the Top and Left fields to adjust the position of the top left corner of the image.

Image Size

The size of the image can be changed by dragging the corners of the preview or with the options found in the Image Size group box.
Check the Scale to Fit Paper checkbox to resize the image to the same size as the paper.
Alternatively, use the Width and Height fields to set a specific width and height. The image aspect ratio is kept.


Use the units pulldown list to switch between Inches, Millimeters and Centimeters.

Click the Print button to print the image.
Click the Cancel button to close the Print dialog without printing.
Click the Help button to show the help page.