The Prism command-line tool allows you to convert files from the command line. This can be used to let other software convert files using Prism or to automate batch conversion.

Important Note: Due to a limitation in the way Windows handles running graphical programs from the command line, Prism cannot give any feedback when an issued command has been completed, nor can it block the command line while a conversion is taking place. We are currently investigating possible ways to circumvent the Windows problem, but please note it down for now and take it into account when issuing command-line orders to Prism.

The Prism executable is usually located as "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Prism\prism.exe"

Usage: prism.exe [options] [files to add]

"Options" is where you can issue a series of commands to Prism. The options are:

-convert - convert all files loaded into Prism.

-clear - remove all files loaded into Prism.

-addfolder [FOLDER_NAME] - add a folder of files into Prism.

-format [FORMAT_NAME] - specify the output file format for which to convert the loaded files. Possible format names include:

-outfolder [FOLDER_NAME] - specify the output folder to store the converted files. Do NOT end the folder path with a backslash '\' character.

-overwrite [OVERWRITE_FLAG] - specifies what to do when the converted file already exists. The flags are "PROMPT" (Prompt for What to Do), "ALWAYS" (Overwrite the File), "NEVER" (Don't Convert the Original File), "CANCEL" (Abort All Conversions), "APPENDNUMBER [format]" (Append number to filename - [format] is optional, if blank it will use the format already specified in Prism).

-settings [FORMAT_NAME] [SETTINGS_OPTIONS] - specifies the settings configuration to use for the specified format. For more detail on what parameters to use, see further down the page.

-edit [RESIZE_TYPE] [WIDTH] [HEIGHT] [FRAMERATE] - specifies the video output options. RESIZE_TYPE - either "NONE", "CROP" or "LETTERBOX". WIDTH and HEIGHT - desired dimensions of the video. FRAMERATE - desired video frame rate (or zero if no frame rate conversion is required).

-hide - hide the Prism window.

-show - show the Prism window.

-exit - exit Prism.

"Files to Add" is where you type in the files you want to load into Prism. All typed filenames must use the full filepath of the name, and circumfixed with inverted commas.


prism.exe -format .mp4

prism.exe -format "iPhone 4"

prism.exe -outfolder "C:\My Videos";

prism.exe -hide

prism.exe "C:\My Documents\video.avi"

prism.exe -convert "C:\My Videos\video.avi" -format .mp4 -overwrite ALWAYS

prism.exe -convert "C:\My Videos\video.flv" -format .mpg -overwrite APPENDNUMBER "%filename%-%number%"

prism.exe -convert "DVD:C:\My Videos\Flying Daggers" -settings .mp4 iPod 512 768 23 -overwrite APPENDNUMBER "%filename%-%number%"

prism.exe -convert "DVD:C:\My Videos\Flying Daggers" -format "iPhone 4S" -settings .mp4 H264 512 768 23 -overwrite APPENDNUMBER "%filename%-%number%"

Unless you are in the Prism folder you will need to replace "prism.exe" from above with the full path "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Prism\prism.exe" like this:

"C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Prism\prism.exe" -convert "C:\My Videos\video.avi" -format .mp4

Settings Options:

The following details what parameters to enter when using the "-settings" options. Note the order in which the parameters are written is the order in which they must be typed. Additionally, all parameters must be entered, otherwise the command will not take effect.

Note the possible combination of values that can be entered depend largely on the codec, so you need to open Prism and determine beforehand what values you can use for the codec in question.

Also note that when converting for preset devices, mp4 is the only supported output format, so please always use .mp4 to set preset device settings.