Web Access allows users to interact with Quorum via a Web browser.


Users - you can manage your applications users here.


This button will add a new user.


This button will edit the selected user's details.


This button will delete the selected user's details.


This button will email the selected user their logon details. You must have Quorum's outgoing email settings configured correctly to do this. You can configure these settings from the Options ~ General or from the Weblet Options when you are logged in to the weblet as an administrator.

Web Access Server

Web Server TCP Port (Default 91):

This is the TCP/IP port the server will run on. The default is 91 for this program. But the default for HTTP is 80. If you don't have any other webservers on your computer you can try using 80.

Public access See Allowing Public Internet Access for details on allowing public access to Web Panel. Accessing the Web Panel To access your Web Panel use one of the following address formats in your internet browser.

You need to make sure your firewall is not blocking the port (default port 91). Refer to your firewall settings to check the correct TCP/IP port is opened.
Please speak to your network administrator about any networking problems you have. They can usually quickly fix routing or firewall problems.