The Express Scribe Notes Field is not intended to replace your word processor. Express Scribe works well with Microsoft Word for Mac, Apple iWork, AbiWord and most other major word processor software. You can either run both Express Scribe and your Word Processor at the same time or you can type the text in the Express Scribe Notes Field and then copy and paste it into your word processor.

Typing directly into your word processor

After you have selected the file in Express Scribe, open your word processor. You then control playback with a foot pedal controller and / or system-wide hot-keys.

To automate the creation, opening and management of word processor files. Create a base template doc file and save it in the folder where you want Express Scribe to store documents. Then tick the use base word processor document Preferences ~ Other and select that new file. Then whenever you want to open or create a document related to the recording, press Command+U. If the document already exists it will be opened. If the document does not exist, Express Scribe copies the base file.

Advanced Option: If you want to use a different base document depending on the type of the recording, you can include in the name of the base document fields circumfixed with the % character. When Express Scribe creates a document for the first time it searches first the notes for data (which could have been entered by the dictator using DialDictate or Express Dictate). If no data was entered by the Dictator using Express Dictate or DialDictate then it will prompt for the data now. For example, if your word processor base document is entered as /Users/<user name>/Documents/Template%doctype%.doc then Express Scribe scans for <doctype>...</doctype> data and if not found prompts for the doctype. If say a DialDictate user had entered 21 for the dictation type it would have saved <doctype>21</doctype> and Express Scribe would use "Template21.doc".

Typing first into the Notes Field

Alternatively, you can type the main body of the text using the Express Scribe Notes Field. Then press Command+K to copy all the text, run your word processor and paste the text into a new document.

Dispatching Word Processor Documents

You can dispatch a word processor file as an attachment to the email you return to the person who dictated the work. When you click Dispatch, click on the 'Open Attachment List' button to locate the file.

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