You can set bookmarks anywhere in the text which later enable you to easily to find the bookmarked positions. Maybe you want to mark positions where you did not understand the dictator clearly, or the position where another typist is to continue from.

Ctrl+B sets bookmarks, with Ctrl+Left; and Ctrl+Right you can move between the bookmarks. The pulldown "bookmark/open bookmark list", or Ctrl+Shift+B, opens a list of all bookmarks for the current dictation. There having ticked "prompt for comment when setting bookmark" you will be asked for a comment every time you set a new bookmark, later shown in the bookmark list. e.g. You want to enter: "Continue from here" or "Did you mean NIGHT or KNIGHT?".

Click the Remove button on the Bookmarks dialog to remove a selected bookmark from the list.

Note: The DCT file format does not currently support saving bookmarks.

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