These processes are accessed by selecting the 'Special Audio Processes' option from Express Scribe's File menu.

Background Noise Reduction:

When you selecting this audio process, a floor threshold reading is taken from the audio file, and all sound below that value is removed. This can be helpful if the recorded ambient background noise is making it difficult to make out the voice on the recording. However, this feature will not be useful if the recording was made in an environment with high background noise, as Express Scribe will be unable to differentiate between the background sounds and the voice dictating.

Extra Volume Boost: (Loudness, Volume, Amplitude, Level and Gain)

The terms loudness, volume, amplitude and level mean roughly the same thing. The more volume a sound is given the more power has been used to create it and the louder it sounds. Sometimes when you receive a dictation, the recording may not be loud enough and will require more volume than the main controls give you. Selecting this audio process will increase the volume of the entire file by 10%.

High Pass Filter:

When this audio process is selected, only those frequencies in the audio file above 450Hz are kept. Using the high pass filter can help clean up the audio file to make the dictation more intelligible, especially if the original recording sounds muddy.


This will undo all changes made since Express Scribe or that particular file was loaded.

Note: If you wish to edit the parameters of any of the above settings you will need to use another of our products: Wavepad.

Wavepad comes in a free downloadable version along with a trial masters edition which you find at