Password Initialization

The first time Verity runs, it will prompt you to set your password and email address. This password is used to log into the web service in order to view data and to view the Windows interface. It is also used to shutdown Verity and stop monitoring. The email address you enter will be used to send you a new random password in case you forget or lose your password.

Password Maintenance

If you need to change your password or email address, login to the web interface and go to the Parental Controls page. Navigate to the section labeled "Change Parental Access Settings" under the General Settings tab. Here you can change the email Verity uses to send you a new password when you reset your password. Just below that, you can manually change your password. Click OK to save your changes.

Password Reset

In the event you forget your password, you will need to open the web interface. When the login page loads, click on the "Forgot your password?" link. Once the reset password page loads, confirm that you want to reset your password by clicking OK. Verity will generate a new random password and send it to the email address you've set. Make sure you check your junk folder if you don't see the email. When you get this email, memorize or copy the new password. Return to the login page of the web interface and enter the new password and login. It is then recommended that you go to the Parental Controls page in the web interface and change your password to something you will remember.