AMR Narrowband is a popular format used in mobile phones for creating truetone ringtones. To create your ringtone, simply create and edit an audio file in WavePad, and then save it to AMR format. The maximum length of audio you can save will depend on how much storage memory your mobile phone has. Transferring the AMR file can be done via Bluetooth, Infrared, or Cable, depending on what features are available on your phone. Please refer to your phone documentation for further information (please also refer to your documentation to see if your phone supports the AMR format, this format is not universal to all phones).

The only setting to specify for AMR is the bitrate setting. This determines the quality of your AMR file. A lower bitrate choice will produce a low quality AMR file that is smaller in size. A higher bitrate choice will produce a high quality AMR file that is larger in size. Choose a bitrate according to your needs.