A podcast is an audio file you create that can contain anything you like, such as voice or music recordings. These audio files get uploaded to an Internet server where anyone can then download them using a specialized program designed to look for podcasts. A podcast consists of two components:

To create your podcasts from scratch, you can use WavePad for both recording and editing. To upload your podcasts to an Internet server, you can use the FTP feature of WavePad (assuming the server supports FTP). Go to File menu -> Send... and choose the FTP upload option. Both RSS and MP3 files must be uploaded. To download your podcast from the webserver, download a program such as iPodder (http://ipodder.sourceforge.net/index.php).

The settings dialog for the RSS podcast is as follows:

Root URL - The URL where you will upload the podcast. This must be an http URL, and should include "http://" at the beginning.

MP3 Settings - Click the "MP3 Settings" button to open the MP3 settings configuration where you can set the format for the MP3 recording (for more information see the MP3 Settings dialog).