Sound Play Device

This is where you select the sound device you would like to WavePad to use for playing back audio files. If you have more than one sound card installed, select the sound card you want using the Sound Play Device pull down list.

If you are an advanced user, you may also like to choose which sound driver model you want to use. If your sound card supports DirectSound or ASIO, simply select your desired sound device from the list prepended with [DirectSound] or [ASIO].

For advice about where to get audio devices, headphones, or speakers, visit the WavePad hardware page.


Get notifications about possible sound quality issues during recording.

Auto Trim Threshold

This setting applies to the Auto Trim and Trim Silences functions for more information.

Audio Working Folder

When WavePad loads a file it keeps a copy of the working audio (in full quality 32 bit) in the working folder for fast editing and processing. If you are running out of hard drive space on your C drive you can change this to be some other temporary folder.

Please note: This is a temporary folder and should not be used for storing any data you wish to keep. It is strongly advised not to save any files to this directory as they may be deleted without warning.

Cache File Retention - Set how long WavePad will retain the files with these options: