The batch converter is used to apply the same operations (i.e. effects or conversions) to a whole list of files.

Open the Batch Converter using the menu Tools -> Batch Converter.

Step 1: Select Files

Click on the Add button and browse to the files you want to process. You can select multiple files at the same time by holding down the Shift or Control keys while selecting.

Click Next when you have added all the files.

Step 2: Select Commands

For each command you want to apply to the files, click Add, select the command and then click Add again. You can reorder commands by dragging the items in the list.

You can also use a previously saved command list. These are called scripts.

To save a script, click Scripts, select Save Script…, navigate to the folder in which to save the script, give the script a name and click Save. To load a previously saved script, click Scripts, select Load Script…, navigate to the folder with the script, select the script and click Open. To remove a loaded script, click Scripts, select Remove Script… and click Remove Batch File.

Step 3: Select Output Format and Folder

By default WavePad will save the files in the same format they were loaded in. But if you want to convert the format select "Convert to file format", select the extension. Some files (e.g., wav or mp3) have other options (bitrate or codec) which can be changed using format options.

Note: if you want to change the sample rate use the Convert Sample Rate comment in the commands (above).

Files are normally saved in the same folder they were loaded from. This means they will be overwritten when saved. Alternatively you can select a different folder to save the files to.

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