Effects and Audio Processes

WavePad comes with many effects and audio processes. Most are applied in a similar way, by selecting where they should be applied, choosing settings, previewing, and then applying.

Selected Region

Most effects apply only to the selected region. To mark the selected region you can either click and hold down on the wave window and drag the mouse or press and hold down the shift key while moving in the file. To select the entire file press Ctrl+A. If you do not have any region selected when accessing an effect, the entire waveform will be selected as default.


Some effects come with a series of options known as "Presets". The idea behind presets is to save you having to fiddle around with the numbers, which is great if the numbers don't mean a lot to you. Instead, you can just browse the preset list and select the option which best describes the effect you are trying to achieve.


The result of applying certain effects can be previewed using the play button in the Effect dialog. If you modify the effect parameters while previewing the file, you should hear the changes taking place. For this to work properly, we recommend using either ASIO or DirectSound as your sound playback system.

Batch Converter

If you have a large number of files that you want to process in the same way use the Batch Converter Tool (Tools -> Batch Converter). You specify the list of files, the list of effects to be applied and WavePad will do them all in one 'batch'. For more information on doing this, please see the topic Batch Converter.

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