Effect Chain

The Effect Chain Dialog allows you to apply multiple effects at once. You can also use it to easily apply the same set of effects to multiple files. Effect chains can be saved and loaded, or you can choose from a selection of predefined effect chains to get you started.

Adding Effects to the Effect Chain

The list of available effects appears in the column on the left. Double-click on an effect to add it to the end of the 'Applied Effects' column, which is your effect chain. Click on an effect in your effect chain to see and adjust its settings. Click and drag applied effects up or down to reorder them.

Previewing your Effect Chain

To hear how a file will sound with your effect chain applied, click on the 'Play With Effects...' button, and choose the name of the file to play.

Applying the Effect Chain to a File

To apply your effect chain to an open file, click on the 'Apply Effects...' button, and choose the file to apply it to. Remember that you can still undo this change later.

After you have applied the effect chain to one file, you can still apply it to another. This is an easy way to apply the same set of effects to multiple files. If you need to process a lot of files then you could also try the Batch Converter

Saving and Loading Effect Chains

If you want to reuse your effect chain some other time, then click on the 'Save Effect Chain' button. The effect chain will be saved to a .ecf file which you can later load with the 'Load Effect Chain' button.

Loading an effect chain will append it to the end of your current effect chain, so you can combine more than one effect chain. If this isn't what you want then first remove all the effects from your chain by selecting them and clicking the 'Remove Effect' button.

Effect Chain Presets

At the bottom of the 'Applied Effects' column you may notice the '<Add Preset>' menu. From this you can insert pre-configured effect chains into your effect chain. Note that these will be added to the end of your current effect chain, rather than replacing it.