Select All (Ctrl+A).

To select the whole file press Ctrl+A.

Select To Start (Shift+Home).

To select from the beginning position to the current position, press Shift+Home.

Select To End (Shift+End).

To select from the current position to the end, press Shift+End.

Select Specified Time (Ctrl+G).

Use this option if you want to select a particular position or, to select the exact start and end position. Just press Ctrl+G, enter the cursor position and click OK to go to that position. Or enter start and end position and click OK. You can also preview the selection by clicking the Preview button.

Jump to Location (Ctrl+L).

Use this option if you want to move your cursor to a precise position. Just press Ctrl + L, enter the desired cursor position based on time or sample, then click OK to move your cursor to that position.

Mark First Position / Mark Second Position / Recall Mark Selection

These Edit menu options can be used to mark and then recall any segment of the current file. Use Mark First Position to mark the beginning of the selection, and Mark Second Position to mark the end of the selection. The selected region between the first and second marked positions on the audio file can then be returned to later through use of the Recall Mark Selection option.

Selecting Frequency Ranges

A normal selection selects audio from all frequencies. If you want to select a limited range of frequencies then you can make a selection in the frequency spectrogram view, and you can then playback, cut, copy, paste, and apply effects to that selection.