The frequency spectrogram view allows you to view the mix of sound frequencies in an audio file. When enabled it appears beneath the waveform. Its horizontal axis represents time, just as the waveform does, but its vertical axis represents sound frequency, with low frequencies at the bottom and high frequencies at the top. The magnitude of a given frequency at a given time is represented by the brightness at that point: White is very loud, black is silent. The spectrogram view allows you to:

The spectrogram view can be enabled through the View menu, or by using the buttons at the bottom left of a file window. There are two frequency spectrogram buttons: The first enables the spectrogram view with a linear scale, the second with a logarithmic scale. To hide the view click on the button again.

When first enabled, the spectrogram view may appear blank, but will start filling out from left to right. This is because it takes time to perform the Fourier Transform on the audio data to generate the view.

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