Bookmarks are positions within files that you might frequently want to return to. For example you can use a bookmark to store the location of a interesting part in a recorded interview.

To add a bookmark push Ctrl+B and enter the name of the position. When you want to return to the bookmark push Ctrl+Shift+B to open the bookmark list, select it from the list and select Go to Bookmark in the right click menu.

To select from one bookmark to another bookmark, select that bookmark from the list then choose Select to Bookmark... in the right click menu.

Bookmarks (unlike Regions) are linked to an actual file. So they persist even after you close WavePad or the Project. You should delete bookmarks when they are not needed (using the Ctrl+Shift+B list).


Regions store a selected part of the recording. (A bit like the copy clipboard but you can have many).

To add a region select it, click Ctrl+R and give it a name. Then at any point open the regions list (Ctrl+Shift+R) and use the right click menu to play, select, rename, delete, copy to new, save the region or assemble the regions (see below). You can also export the selected region(s) into one folder by selecting "Export Region(s) to folder"

Regions can be extremely useful when working with a long recording like an interview that needs to be rearranged. As you find each interesting grab, select it and make it a region. When done, use the assemble tool to put all the regions together. Regions can be used for track marking DJ mixes.

Regions are not persistent. If you close WavePad and you want to keep your region, you must save a WavePad project (see Working with WavePad Projects).

Copy Region(s) to CD

This option in Windows XP will let you burn the selected regions to a CD. Access this feature by selecting Bookmark menu -> Open Region List, then right click on a Region and select "Copy Region(s) to CD..." from the menu that appears.

If you wish to make an audio CD, make certain you have deleted any old audio tracks from Windows Media Player before you burn the new files.

Note: This option will only work with Windows XP. In any other version of Windows it will save the files to a local folder, and you would need to use external CD burning software to burn the selected regions.

Export Region(s) to Folder

This option allows you to save the selected regions as separate files in a folder and format of your choosing. Access this feature by selecting Region menu -> Open Region List, then right clicking on one or more regions and selecting "Export Region(s) to Folder" from the menu that appears. You will be presented with a choice of which folder to export to, and which output format and format settings to use in the exported files.

Assemble Regions Tool

This tool lets you quickly edit a series of regions together. This is particularly useful when editing interviews.

After you have added all the grabs of interest as regions open the Assemble Regions tool (Region -> Assemble Regions). Add the named regions in the order you want. And click OK.

By default WavePad inserts 300ms silence between each region. This can be changed by clicking on Options on the Assemble tool window.