Create a New Audio File

To create a new file press Ctrl+N.

When creating a new file WavePad will prompt you to select the sample rate and channels. You can disable this prompt and set the default rate using WavePad Options.

For more information to guide you when selecting sample rates and channels please see General Audio Concepts.

Open an Existing Audio File

To open an existing file press Ctrl+O, browse to locate the file you want to open and click Open.

You can also load audio tracks from the CDs by select File -> Load Audio CD Track(s). Select a track by click on it or hold down the Ctrl key for selecting multiple tracks.

Save an Audio File

To save the current audio file with the current name press Ctrl+S.

See Cloud Services for information about cloud services support in WavePad.

To save the file with a different name or in a different format use the menu File -> Save As (or press Ctrl+Shift+S).

Note: When working with audio files, you should not save the file in a compressed format until you have finished all editing because every time you save and reload in a compressed format you lose some quality. Save as a PCM wav file to preserve quality.

See Output Formats section for more information.

Copy file(s) to CD

Selecting this option will let you burn any open files to a CD by using Express Burn CD Recorder also made by NCH Software. Just select "Copy file(s) to CD" then select the CD Type (either Data CD or Audio CD), then follow the onscreen prompts.

Send an Audio File

WavePad allows you to send the file by either email or direct internet connection. You can select how to send a file by using the menu File->Send.


If you select this option, WavePad will send the file as an attachment to an email.

Enter the email address of the recipient in the Email Address box.

Email - Settings

By default WavePad uses the MAPI system to send email using your existing email software (Eudora, Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.). To use this you must have email software installed and set as the "default MAPI server". The advantage of this system is that your email software manages the email. However, there can be some problems with some email software. If you have MAPI problems, try the alternative internal SMTP.

If you select the "Internal Simple SMTP" option, email is sent directly by WavePad to your server. You must enter the SMTP mail host used by your ISP for sending of mail (call them if you do not know it).

If, when using Internal Simple SMTP, it does not work, it might be that your server requires an authenticated login (a username and password) to send email. If so, append :username:password to the SMTP server (i.e.

Direct Internet Connection

WavePad can send files directly to an internet server. This is faster than the email option but requires that your recipient have access to a web hosting (FTP) service to store the files.

Select the Direct Internet Connection option and enter the Server, User Name, Password and Directory as setup for your FTP server for your recipient.