Metronome Recording

WavePad has a built in metronome which will tick along at the certain tempo and time signature specified. You can quickly switch the metronome on/off by clicking the metronome button in the toolbar. When the metronome is on, the beat sound is only played through the speaker, it does not impact the file being recorded. However, a microphone may pick up the metronome sound coming through speakers if you are not using headphones.

Adjusting BPM and Time Signature

The tempo and time signature can be set in the setting dialog in the same toolbar. You can assign a new beats per minute (BPM) and change the time signature. By default the tempo is 120 beats per minute, and you can change the tempo to any value between 10 and 320 at a beat position.

Choose a custom metronome sound

Check this box if you would like to choose your own metronome sound. Otherwise, WavePad will use the default metronome sound.