View Options

Options to customize your workspace for a better experience. You can find these options by Menu > View, or locating the small buttons at the bottom or right corners of the Waveform window.

Command Bar - The Command Bar is a list of links (Recent Files, Tutorials, Basic Tools) located at the left panel. Adjust options to show / hide, and change position (left or right)

Zoom - Change from a long shot to a close-up view (or vice versa) of the Audio waveform.

Wave window options:

Default View - Restore window display to a clean simple view (One waveform, Default color, No decibel markers, etc).

Sample Edit Mode - Allows you to modify the individual audio samples in the waveform using the computer's mouse.

Display + Up / - Down - This combines the left and right channels into one waveform.

Display Left Channel Up / Right Channel Down - Displays the left channel on the upper side of the center line and the right channel on the lower side of the center line.

Display Channels Separately - Left and right channels are displayed in separate waveforms.

Separate Channel Editing - Allows you to edit left and right channels separately.

Linear Scale Frequency Spectogram - Show the frequency spectogram with a linear scale.

Logarithmic Scale Frequency Spectogram - Show the frequency spectogram with a logarithmic scale.

Display Decibel Markers - Show decibel markers of the waveform.

Unique Channel Colors - (Available for stereo) Display different colors for left and right channels

Color by Classification - Show waveform color depending on it's classification (Music, Voice, Percussion, Other)

Show Edit Markers - Show vertical line markers on edited parts

Show Audio Beat Markers - Show positions of audio beats