DreamPlan allows for the import of additional 3rd party or user created 3D models through the Import 3D Model wizard. Select "Import 3D Model..." from the File menu or the Add Content button on the toolbar.

When the Import 3D Model wizard is first opening, it will prompt for a 3D model file to import. The following file types are supported:

Preview Window:

After a file has been successfully loaded, a preview of the model will be shown in the preview window. The model can be rotated by holding the left or right mouse button down on the preview and then moving the mouse. The model can be zoomed in or out using the mouse wheel.

The preview window also displays the alignment of the model. The green line shows the Y-Axis (up direction), the red line shows the X-Axis (front direction) and the blue line shows the Z-Axis (left direction).

Use the "Load 3D Model..." button to load a different model.

Model Properties:
The following properties for an imported model can be set:
Display Name:

This is the name that will be displayed in the model category catalog. Each model must have a unique display name within its category.

Object Category:

This is the category that the model will be placed for selection. For instance, if the model is a new door it could be placed in the "Building - Doors" category so it can be easily found.

Object Type:

These are the rules that govern the model when placing it (Note: Doors and windows do not have an object type and are always bound to walls):

  • Standard: The object has no special rules and will always be placed on the floor or ground.
  • Surface: The object, e.g. a table or counter, can have other objects placed on top of it. The object will be placed on the floor or ground.
  • Floating: The object can be placed on top of Surface objects, e.g. a table. Otherwise, it will be placed on the floor or ground.
  • Ceiling: The object will always be attached to the ceiling.
  • Wall: The object will always be attached to a wall.

The default rotation of the model. This is especially useful for door and window facings that do not align with the X-Axis (the red line in the preview).


The measurements are used to scale the model to the appropriate size. Entering one measurement will scale the other measurements automatically. The unit inputs can be set to small (millimeters or inches) or large (meters or feet) using the radio buttons.

Conversion Notes:

The conversion notes show potential problems with importing the model, including any issues that will prevent a model from being imported. It may be desirable or necessary to edit the model with 3D editing software before importing the model.

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