Custom textures can be imported into DreamPlan and used anywhere that packaged textures are used. Textures can be found on many websites or can be hand made using a drawing application.

DreamPlan can use PNG (.png) or JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) images as textures.

To import a texture, click on the "Import Texture..." menu item found under the File tab. The Import Texture dialog will open.

Import Texture Wizard:


Hints for Textures:

Textures can be images of anything, but some images are better than others for producing realistic rendering. Generally, the larger the texture the better the quality.

Textures applied to most surfaces are tiled (repeated) if they are not large enough to cover the entire surface. Some textures are specifically made to be tiled so they look like a single texture. If textures are not made to be tiled, seams will appear in the places where the tiling occurs. When downloading textures from websites, look for textures that have a "Tileable" property.