The search tool can be used to find objects in the many catalogs found across DreamPlan.

To open the search window, click the "Search for Models..." button found under each of the catalog lists for by pressing the F3 key. The search window is modeless, and you can continue to work on your project while it is open.

The search window:

Search Keywords: Enter one or more terms to search for. If the model name, category or catalog contains the search term, the model will show up in the search results.

Search button: Click to start search for the entered keywords.

Search Results: A list of all models which meet the search criteria. Clicking on a model in the list will activate the model for use.

Search Online: Conducts on online search with the website using the keywords. NOTE: is not affiliated with NCH Software in any way.

Watch Import Model Tutorial: Opens the tutorial showing how to import 3D models into DreamPlan.