The tool panel contains various tools that are used when editing a scene. It is located to the right of the scene.

Select Mode On/Off:
This button is to switch between drawing mode and select mode. When in select mode, this arrow is displayed as green. In select mode, objects can be selected, edited and deleted.
This will undo the action taken in the project.
This will redo the last undo.
This will delete the currently selected object from the scene.
This will copy the currently selected object. This will also turn off select mode.
Walls On/Off:
This will toggle the walls to display at their full height or lowered. Lowering the walls can make it easier to draw interiors.
Roof On/Off:
This will toggle the roof display.
Show scene objects On/Off:
This will toggle the display of scene objects. Scene objects are those objects that are not structural or permanent.
Change View:
Clicking the View button will open a dialog to change the display mode of DreamPlan between full 3D rendering, rendering as a 2D blueprint, or rendering as a 2D image.
This button will toggle the grid display.
This button will toggle terrain snapping on and off.
This button will toggle showing cursor guide lines when in 2D modes.
Show Navigation Controls On/Off:
This button will toggle showing the navigation controls when the mouse is not hovering over them. If turned off, the controls can still be accessed by hovering the mouse over the control area.
Show Text Labels On/Off:
This button will toggle display of text labels.