Installation Instructions

FlexiServer initial setup

When you first run FlexiServer, the setup wizard page will open using your default browser (or you can click on "Open" button on the toolbar to start it). View the manual topic Initial Setup for more details.


Login to server

Enter your email and password and click "Login."

View the manual topic How to login for more information.

Add Employees

View the manual topic How to add employees? for more information.

Install FlexiServer Client Software- FlexiStation

FlexiStation is the client-side software of FlexiServer system. Every user in the system, including administrator users, need to install a FlexiStation client to connect to the server. FlexiStation will log user's activity and screenshots and send them to FlexiServer. FlexiServer then can utilize this information to analyze a user's performance at work.

Start Using Employee Management Tools

View the following manual topics for more information on the employee management tools available with FlexiServer.