Select one or more dictations then click File -> "Dictation information" to display the following information about the selected dictations:

Number of dictations selected

The number of dictations for which information is being displayed.

Total duration

The sum of the durations of the selected dictations.

Time offset

When the received dictation is only one part of a longer recording, set the time offset to adjust playback times to match the original recording. The offset is applied in both "time elapsed" and "recording time" time modes. For information on time modes, see Options ~ Display.

Note: The offset can only be changed for one dictation at a time.

Note: The offset is stored locally, per dictation, and is not saved in any exported or forwarded files.


The name and contact details of the user who sent the dictations.

If the dictations were sent by different users, values will only be displayed for the fields that have the same value for all dictations. Fields that have values that differ for each dictation will show "[Various]".


  • Sender details are only available when the sender entered their details before sending the dictation.
  • Sender details are only available for dictations sent as DCT files.