Time Mode

The time can be displayed throughout Express Scribe in one of the following modes:

Time Format

Display the playback position or recording duration using one of the following formats:

Prefix / Suffix

This prefix and suffix will be affixed to the current playback position when it's inserted into the dictation notes (Notes -> Insert -> Time), or copied to the clipboard (using the "Copy Time" command in Options -> Hot-Keys).

e.g. Set prefix to "[" and suffix to "]" to give "[0:12:34.5]".

Additional Columns

You can configure up to two custom columns to display tag values in the dictation list on the main window. You must specify the name of the tag, and a label for the column.
e.g. If the notes contained a tag <caseno>12345</caseno>, then "XML Tag" would be "caseno", and "Column Label" could be "Case". The value "12345" would then be displayed in the row corresponding to that dictation.