Use a word processor document based on this file

If you are using a word processor to type the received dictations, Express Scribe can create a new document for each recording when you press Ctrl+U, or click the word processor icon in the secondary toolbar on the main screen. When it creates the new document, it copies a base word processor file (that might, for example, contain your standard template, etc.). If you want to use the Ctrl+U option with Express Scribe, you should create and select a base document file for Express Scribe to copy.


You can add multiple base templates to use and select which one to use at the time you create the document.


If you no longer wish to use a particular template, you can remove it from the list with the Remove button.

Set to Default

You can change which document is automatically chosen when you press the Ctrl+U shortcut by selecting it and pressing the Set to Default button.

Advanced Email Dispatch Settings

Use this button to open Advanced Email Dispatch Settings.