Delete old 'done' files after number of days

If your hard drive is running low, you can set or reduce the number of days after which Express Scribe will automatically delete 'done' recordings. Set this to 0 if you do not want files to be deleted.

Warn me when my hard drive space is below (MB)

This setting will set a check when loading files, or when starting Express Scribe, to display a warning when the hard drive free space falls below the number of MB specified. Once it goes below this amount Express Scribe will no longer be able to load files.

Data Folder

This setting determines where Express Scribe stores its data files. You may need to change this setting if you have multiple hard disks (or your hard disk is partitioned) and the default folder is on a small disk. The default setting is suitable for most users.


Use the Set to Default button to reset the data folder to its default path.